Proposed extension for SVG

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Welcome to SuperPath Pages.

This project defines an extension for SVG content. The extension enables to define some chunk of a SVG path as reusable in other path. The extension is managed by a small piece of javascript.

The extension is useful in alot of content, specially in map content.

Samples and tests

We've crafted some handsome samples for you to show the extension at work.

A simple map using SuperPath

A sample with L commands

A sample with C commands

A sample with c commands

A sample with Q commands

A sample with q commands

Note: only m,M,l,L,c,C,q,Q,z commands are supported (9/2/2015)

Authors and Contributors

Project started and mainly implemented by @moissinac with advices and help from Cyril Concolato, David Dailey and Chris Lilley.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with SuperPath? Check out the documentation at and or contact @moissinac and we’ll help you sort it out.